Our Coffee

Like you, we're fussy when it comes to coffee so we have gone to great lengths to ensure our coffee is consistent and enjoyable.

Our triple espresso blend of Arabica Beans has been developed in conjunction with a team of specialist roasters and is perfectly balanced with a long fine finish.

We only use fresh coffee beans roasted fresh every week and grind them only as we need them, so the beans that go into your cup are always as fresh as possible. For the short time we store them, they are vacuum sealed to ensure maximum freshness.

We keep our equipment scrupulously clean and we don’t skimp on the amount of coffee that goes into your cup either, we want you to be able to taste what we serve you. We grind the coffee in such a way as to ensure an extraction rate that guarantees the maximum flavour is being extracted. Our Baristas' ensure the milk has that lovely silky consistency, steam heated to the perfect temperature, to ensure your coffee is enjoyable and satisfying. 

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